DIY Doers

I have a huge passion for teaching and encouraging people to learn DIY skills. Four years ago, I joined forces with my good friend and DIY expert Steph Bron to set up our own company called “The DIY Doers”.

As our popularity has grown due to our fresh approach, we have been billed as “the new faces of DIY”.

Along side our E-books and online courses, we write regularly for “The Sunday Times Home Magazine”.  We also present DIY tutorials on the TV show “Crafty beggars in the house” and were featured on the BBC show “Getting The Builders In”.

DIY Doers Club
Stef and I Presenting our DIY Doers talks on the super theatre stage at the Ideal Home Show.
Steph and I holding DIY Workshops
Steph and I presenting DIY talks at the Handmade Festival.
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